Friday, January 1, 2010

About Me!

I'm not sure that anyone is going to find any of this interesting, but I know that I like to learn more about the crafty person behind the here goes!  A little bit about me. 

If you told me 10 years ago that I would have my own sewing room and love to sew practically every day, I would NEVER have believed you!  My mom loves to sew, not me (and drag me around to those BORING fabric stores).  Well, I guess I'm more like my mom than I thought.  She hesitantly bought me my first sewing machine a few months after I had my first baby (he's four now!).  She wasn't sure I would do anything with it!  I have completely proved her wrong....oh, and I could spend HOURS in fabric stores now :)   After a few quick lessons from my mom and my good friend, Tami, I was sewing!  I started out mostly with quilts, but quickly fell in love with sewing ANYTHING!  Baby items became popular since being a mom was new to me too.  A couple years later I had a baby girl who I especially love to sew things for...gotta love frilly girly stuff!  I use to sew on my kitchen table in our small townhouse.  I pretty much took up a whole corner of our kitchen with all of my sewing stuff.  My kitchen island made the perfect cutting counter.  And my husband rarely complained...bless his heart :)  But, this year we moved into a "real" house and I have my very own sewing room...yippee!!!  I seriously cannot say how happy this makes is truly my happy place!  I started this craft blog this year also and have been loving having a place to post all of my projects.  I love meeting new crafty friends and finding new fun craft blogs!  I'm amazed how many crafty people there are out there with such brilliant ideas!!  If only there were more hours in the day to try all of them!

And in case you want to know some "non-crafty" stuff about me, here goes:

*I've been married to my awesome husband for 6 years and we have two sweet kiddos.

*I'm a nurse.  I had an exciting "pre-married" life working in a DC trauma ER.  Now I work twice a month at at a cute little urgent care.  And wouldn't change a thing. 
*I LOVE sweets...I'm pretty sure there isn't a candy I don't like.
*I use to play the oboe in high school and wish I still did.  I do love to sing and play the piano (though not well).
*I love the show GLEE.  Oh, and I got the soundtrack for Christmas and can't stop listening to it!
*I love playing volleyball.
*I totally loved high school and college.  Maybe not the work part of it, but I just loved the social part!
*I accidentally had my baby at home on my bed...totally not my was so fast...yuck!!
*I love to dance!  Again, I'm not great, but I love it!

I guess that's enough...I'm sure it's more than you ever wanted to know!

Thanks again for checking out my little blog.  I love reading all of your comments!  I am inspired by so many other blogs and I hope that my blog may inspire some of you!  Happy Sewing!!!


just jen said...

you do inspire me...i really feel like i need a sewing machine now.

but i don't even know ho to thread a bobbin. oh well.

and i TOTALLY am in love with glee, best show ever!

The Oxford Family said...

Glad you shared! I love knowing there is a person behind the posts! Your kids are so cute and as weird as this may sound...I secretly hoped to accidently have my baby at home! Of course then it wouldn't have been much of an accident would it :)

Trisha said...

Thanks for sharing so much about yourself! I too never thought I would sew (it was what my mom did), then I had my first child (she will be 4 in May) and everything changed. My favorite room in our house is my sewing room.

Beth said...

Thanks for sharing! I kept on thinking, yep, that's me too - I was the kid who HATED going to the fabric store with my mom, and now I drag my kids in with me! I started with quilting too, and moved in to apparel recently (after my daughter was born).
And I agree - GLEE is the best!!! Can't wait until April!!!

Sheena said...

Hey I found your blog and recognized your picture. This is Sheena. I'm Patsy Ellinger's daughter. I remember going to Guatemala with you. I don't know if you remember me, but it's fun to see you and what you are up to now. I started a blog last year for fun kid's activities, but I don't write on it anymore. It has some pictures of my kid's on it though. You can check it out at