Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday Duds...

Here are some pics of the kiddos Christmas outfits. I used the same pattern that I've used a TON before for the top of Bryn's dress and then just winged the rest. The flower is just attached to an alligator clip, so I can use it in her hair or on a hat too. The best part about her dress is that I found the fabric a few months ago at Walmart for dirt cheep! The dress maybe cost $3 to make! And of course a matching tie for Carson...a gold pimpin' tie!
Here are some of the other little shirts I've made out of the SAME pattern as the top of her Christmas dress....I must really like this pattern :)

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eight sandy feet said...

Mary just share your blog on her blog, and thought I'd take a looksie.

Super cute stuff, oh by the way I'm Tasha (Mary's sis-in-law, stroller lady)

I love the craft pattern for the shirt and the crayon roll-up. How can I get the patterns for these??