Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bag #2

I wanted to try this pattern again, with a few changes. This is how it turned out:

First off, I made the bag a couple inches skinnier on each side. I left the length the same. The first one was a little too big for me (although I sure could hold a lot of stuff; I think it would make a perfect smaller diaper bag).

I also changed the strap. I made it all one width and skinnier too. It is a little less than 2" wide. The original pattern strap goes from wide to a little skinnier at the top. I also made the strap longer so it would fit all the way across my body comfortably.

And the last thing I changed were the inside pockets. I put 4 pockets in the bag, two smaller ones and two larger ones. One has a space for a cell phone and a pen and they all have velcro closures with a ribbon loop for easy opening. I also put a strap with a D-ring for my keys. I also tried making a fabric button...i had NO idea it was soo easy. There are kits at walmart for cheap and it takes two seconds to make fun!

I think I'm gonna like this bag! They are really fun to out, there may be more posts involving bags in the future!


Tami said...

I totally recognize that is perfect for this project. Way to use your stash!!

The bag is yet another masterpiece. I wouldn't expect anything less from you though!

Ken said...

Not to bag on the bag blog, but that's one funky pattern!

(Okay, it's not really, but I just wanted to say, "Baggin' on the bag blog"...)