Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I made something!

With all the moving, painting and everything, I haven't had any time to make anything....boohoo. But, last night I finally did...and this craft is SUPER EASY! I can't take credit for the idea, but I think it is soo cute! It's a dry erase board. All you have to do is get a cute frame, cover the cardboard insert with whatever fabric you like (something light in color so you can see what you write on the board) and you're done! I also tied a bow around the frame and velcro-ed a dry erase pen on the top of the frame. The glass of the frame wipes off just like a regular dry erase board cool! I also want to print out a blank calendar on a transparency sheet to be at the bottom of the frame. Super cute, yet totally functional...i love it!!


Alison said...

Consider this idea soon as my kitchen is done being painted...I am making myself one of those babies!

Awesome, thanks.

{tiffany} thomson said...

Very cute! Someday when I get around to decorating my kitchen I am going to replace the dry erase board with something like this. Very cute!

queenymom52 said...

I love this dry eraser idea! You make me more inspired to make stuff! I did not know you can do that on glass also. I love your site, Susie