Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Brynlee Dress (okay, ALL dresses I make are the Brynlee dress)

So, I started this dress thinking I would make my first tutorial...well, I don't think this is going to be it...sorry! (sorry to all two of you who read this :) I like the way the dress turned out, but since I used knit fabric, it was a pain to work with. So, I had to fudge here and there and I don't think a tutorial would work right if I said "just fudge it here...and there too!". But, I do like the way it looks, and the price is right...less than $1! So, I'll post pics of the finished dress once my model wakes up :)Oh, and by the way...does any one have any tips for sewing with knits?? I love the look of them, but they are such a pain to sew with! I know that using a ball point needle helps, but what about keeping it from stretching all crazy-like? Any ideas???

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Joy said...

I have the same problem when sewing with knits. The ball point needle really does help also making the stitch bigger helps and not pulling on the fabric while feeding it through the machine. Those are the things that have helped me. I am stilling learning as I go ;)