Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pencil Case

It's back-to-school time right?? While shopping for Carson's pre-school supplies, I saw some cute Capri Sun pencil cases made by Terracycle and thought "I could make that". I've made little Capri Sun bags before and even a lunch bag, but I especially liked this cute little pencil case. I added a little "name tag" washer on the zipper like how they do them here. I think we're ready for school now! Check back later for a tutorial on how to make your own Capri Sun pencil case!


Natalie said...

Yeah, I wanna make one. My husband is skeptical but I think it looks great though.

debbie said...

oh man, i want to make one but have no need for one. i have already done all of my back to school shopping. so cute!!