Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bandana Skirt

I saw this bandanna at Wally World and knew that I wanted to make something out of it. The bandanna cost $1, so it was worth a try. I wanted it to be a little punk rocker look for Bryn and this is what I came up with. Not exactly what I was envisioning, but definitely wearable. I have a few other bandanna ideas I'd love to try...we'll see!


Stephanie said...

SO CUTE!! I think it turned out great!

Disney said...

Haha!! I saw this same bandana at our walmart, and I thought "there must be something I can make with that!" Great job!!

Ashley said...

Very cute! I almost bought a skirt like this at Target today....with the tulle underneath. I've got so many great plaids though....i think I'll make one!

Rowanmayfairs said...

Please share your directions/tutorial !

I love this !!!

Kelli said...

I bought this too! I was thinking of making a bag with it, but you have just changed my mind. I attempted a plaid skirt last fall for my then 4-year old. I got all the pleats done and added the zipper, but completely messed up the waistband, got frustrated and put it away. Maybe starting with the bandana is the way to go...and I LOVE the tulle underskirt!

the mama monster said...

get out i have that same bandana to make my neice a skirt. love the tulle underneath, might have to steal that idea!

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