Tuesday, October 27, 2009

RTT - Ribbon Belt

Here's a quick and easy tute to make a cute little ribbon belt! Here's what you'll need:

Supplies: ribbon, belt buckle or D-rings, sewing essentials
1.) Measure waist of child or whomever you are making the belt for. Add a few more inches for folding edges over. Then add a few more inches for extra length to the belt. Cut out ribbon to this determined length.

2.) If you are using two ribbons, like I did, sew the smaller ribbon to the larger one. Sew down both sides of ribbon. If you are just using one ribbon, move on to the next step.
3.) Add belt buckle or D-rings to one end of belt. Put ribbon belt through buckle or both D-rings. Fold end of ribbon and sew it down to ribbon belt. Make sure to sew it well.4.) Finish the other end of the belt by folding over twice and sewing it down well. This will give it a nice edge that won't fray.And you're done! See...it's definitely quick and easy! Now you'll have a super cute, fashionable way to keep your little toddler's pants up!

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