Tuesday, October 13, 2009


My sewing machine is in the shop. *sigh* It's so sad and lonely in my
sewing room without it.

It's getting fixed for now, but I think it may be time to start looking for a new sewing machine. This is my second machine in 4 years. They have both been Brother machines and I have really liked them. I think the problem is that I am too cheap to buy a nice machine and I end up running these cheaper ones into the ground. I also like how I can get so many features on these cheaper ones and if I buy a better brand I might not get all the features and will be paying more...but it will be a better built machine. So, does anyone out there have any suggestions for me? I would love a machine that would last more than a couple of years, but also has all the fun features. What are some features you can't live without and what kind of sewing machine do you have?? Help? Any suggestions????


Julie Thompson said...

I have a Kenmore that has been through the ringer...I have even used it to sew through 4 layers of boat canvas. knock on wood it is still going strong and has lots of features. I got the Janome for my birthday (which I love!!) since I wanted even more than my Kenmore has.

Tiff Hunt said...

Mine is a husqvarna. It's a brand of viking. I love it. It wasn't super expensive and it's been AWESOME!!! They have lots of cool stuff on the machines too. Check it out. You can find them at JoAnne's and I think you can buy an extended warranty on them. Good luck.
I love the blog and can't wait for more crafts to come!!!!

Stephanie said...

I have a Brother PC-6500 and I love her! I've had her for about 5 years but it hasn't gotten use all 5 of those years. I quit sewing for a while.
I definitely vote you buy a nicer sewing machine when the time comes...heck, it sounds like you deserve it!!!

linda @ Craftaholics Anonymous said...

Hope your sewing machine gets feeling better soon! :) I've had my Pfaff Hobby (bottom of the line!!) for 7 years now and I've loved it. Simple machine, easy to use, works great. I need to take it in for a way past due tune-up. But it's treated me good. Good luck in your search for a new {stitching} best friend! ;)