Sunday, November 1, 2009


What do you do when your 4 year old little boy comes up to you with his favorite stuffed bunny and says he wishes his bunny had a little diaper? make one, of course!

Oh, and you also cut a little hole for the tail...which your 4 year old thinks
is super cool.

And yes, the bunny is a girl, her name is Rory, and she always has a hair bow in her, ear.

He also asked if Rory could have a Halloween costume....ah, maybe next year!

photos courtesy of that cute little 4 year old.


KBriggs said...

SO CUTE!!!!!
Your 4 year old makes my heart melt. :D

Kristine said...

very cute idea.

felicia said...

Almost all of my 6 year old sons stuffed animals are girls. And we are always making clothes and costumes for them! I love the diaper, I will have to make some of those too.