Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rooty "TUTE" Tuesday - Gotta Try This!!

 Here are a few of the super fun tutorials floating around blogland right now.  Why don't I have enough time in a
day to try all of these!!??

Ruffles and Stuff made some super cute knee-high socks out of old tights.  And she dolled them up too...so cute!  Now I wish I had bought those super cute striped tights I was too cheap to buy...dang it!

Make it and Love it has a fun tute on for making a project display board.  If I hadn't already done the magnet board in the playroom, I totally would've done something like this...so cute!

Samster Mommy has a tutorial for some crazy fun glitter toes!  She's working her way through all her fun Martha Stewart glitter.  My toes are in desperate need of a glittery pedicure!

And like I mentioned before, check out Blue Cricket Design for quick and easy instructions on how to put a signature at the end of your blog.  I love quick and easy blog help!


just jen said...

thanks for the heads up on the glitter toes!

i LOVED the glitter toes i got in utah, and i wish they did them here.

maybe i can figure out how to do it myself now...

Disney said...

Thank you for the faeture! :o) I'm going to have to check out those glitter toes, I want to do mine in pink!!

Lynette said...

Wow - I can't believe another girl/woman/person (you know what I mean) named Lynette! I know one other Lynette my age - can I tell ya - I hate my name - hate it! My mom read it in the paper when she was preggers and loved it! Even worse, it's my middle name - first name is Karen. She couldn't think of anything that sounded good with Lynette so she stuck me with Karen Lynette and I had to constantly correct teachers and such - UGH!
Well, now that you know my little "name hater story", thanks for stopping in! Come back anytime - and

Happy New Year!