Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I promise I've been sewing

I've actually been sewing a lot lately, but have nothing to show for it! Well, not really nothing, but nothing fun and new to put up on my blog. I've been sewing a ton for the Spring Street Festival that we're doing on the 15th. Tami and I have been trying to get all stocked up in the Shop, so we'll be ready for the festival. I hope it's as successful as it was a couple years ago! I've also been making stuff for SYTYC. It is quite intimidating trying to come up with a themed project every week that is fresh and fun. And getting good photos of it is a whole other issue! So, I have been busy, but don't have much to show for it...yet. I did get an awesome package in the mail the other day though...yards of stretchy lingerie elastic for making headbands...so fun!  I'm addicting to making headbands!  Check out my friend's adorable baby girl in one of the headbands.  Photo courtesy of Jen.
And here are a few of my college roommates daughter's in some headbands....so cute!  You can check our selection of headbands here...we add more all the time!
And one more picture, just because she's so cute!  Photo courtesy of Leilani Photography.
Okay, hopefully I'll have more stuff to show you soon!  I promise I've been busy.  I just can't show you everything....yet. 


anekzura said...

Very very nice.

Alida L. said...

Lynette I am definitely in that boat too! My poor neglected blog is looking sad lately, but I've been creating like crazy!