Monday, May 17, 2010

SYTYC Week 4

Did you guess that the ANIMAL TAILS were mine?  I had a fun time making these and the kiddos are having a blast playing with them!  And guess what?  Your kids can have fun playing with them too...the tails are now in the SHOP!


Kids don't need a lot to play!  What they really need is a big imagination...and some animal tails! 
Put on a tail and suddenly you're a ferocious tiger in the jungle...or a monkey swinging from a tree.
Let your kid's imagination soar with these fun animal tails.  They are easy for kids to put on and there are plenty to share with friends.  Let their imaginations go WILD!


michelle@somedaycrafts said...

I totally voted for this one too! It is obvious that I like what you create! Great job!

Chris said...

So cute, Lynette. I'm sure they are a big hit with your children.

Mandy said...

These look like the tails I made for my son's zoo birthday party! I made visors with ears too. I guess great minds think alike. ;)