Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The story of Two Party Dresses

There once was a little girl who turned three. She loved dresses and loved feeling pretty. She received two party dresses for her birthday, one from her grandma and one from her mommy's good friend. Each dress was completely different from the other, but the little girl loved both dresses just the same.  And so did her mommy, but for totally different reasons. 

This fun and sassy party dress, made by mommy's good friend, was just adorable!  It was so sassy and cute...perfect for this spunky three year old.  As soon as she put it on, she started spinning around and saying "I'm so pretty!".
The other party dress, made by the little girl's grandma was also adorable!  The style was classic and brought back fond memories for the little girl's mommy.  It reminded her of when she was young and her mommy would make her special dresses.  And when the little girl would put it on she would immediately turn into a princess.  The lace, ruffles, and full skirt made this little girl feel like a real princess!
And that is the story of a little girl who turned three and her two very special party dresses.


Melissa said...

You've been blessed.

Kristen @ said...

aw that is so cute! and she had two adorable dresses to wear and show how much she was loved :)

Tami said...

She's such a cute model! It was fun to play.