Sunday, December 12, 2010

boppy needs a new cover

I'm trying not to go too crazy with buying things for the new baby (I'm 34 weeks now!). Plus, I've already bought plenty of new clothes because Target loves to discount to the point where I can't help but buy cute outfits. But, I'm trying to find ways to have a few new fun things, without spending a ton of money. So, I thought a new boppy cover was a must! I've never liked the print on my boppy...see???

So, I changed it to aqua with white polka can never go wrong with polka dots...right?  I basically used this tutorial.

The back overlaps with a velcro closure. more thing to check off my list!


just jen said... it. mostly because of the polka dots...

let's make one for me now.

Alida L. said...

Love it! This reminded me that I (ok, I mean my husband) needs to dig in the attic and find my boppy! I am 34 weeks as well, but I'm not doing much sewing because I'm on bed rest :-(

Cynthia said...

I am also about 34 weeks and I have found too many good deals at Old Navy...this baby really needs no more new clothing! But I love the Boppy cover - you are right, polka dots are always perfect. And I think your nursery turned out really cute.

MiMi said...

we share common interest! I also love discounted craft.
That boppy cover of yours is so lovely and cute.