Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thank you, Thank you!!!

Thank you so much for such a great response to my new little Esty SHOP! I have been sewing up a storm!  I've listed several new things, here are a few:

White Felt Hairclip
 Hot Pink Polka Dot Double Rosette Headband
Deep Red Silk Double Rosette Headband
 the REESE, baby earflap beanie
 the CARSON, baby earflap beanie

And if you love a good deal, I've got one for you!  If you send me a professional photo that I can use of someone using a GetYourCraftOnSHOP item, you'll get 50% off your next item!! 

Thanks again for all of your support...I really appreciate it!!!

Oh, and just in case you are wondering how babe Lincoln is doing...he's great, see?  love him.


Missy said...

Great photos. Such an adorable picture. It is funny, even when babies are not smiling they are so cute. Great job on the store. I am still too scared to get my stuff out there.

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