Monday, May 14, 2012

Sweet Bryar Crown Give-Away WINNER!!

This it Tami again, I'm hi-jacking Lynette's blog one last day!

I know that you've all been sitting on pins and needles awaiting the results of the Sweet Bryar Lace Crown GIVE-AWAY!  Haha!  So, without further ado...

We used an EXTREMELY scientific method of choosing a winner... 

Every name went into a bowl (some of you had up to three names based on your comments!), and then my trusty little 'BIG' helper drew a name.
Can you read it?  The big winner is Jaclyn!!  Hooray!  Congratulations!

Jaclyn - be sure to send me an e-mail to: with your mailing information and choice of color (silver, gold, or natural ivory) and your darling {Bryar} Vintage Lace Crown will be in the mail by this weekend!

Thank you SO much to all of you who played along!  I am so excited to have you on board, I appreciate the support. 

Lots of Love - Tami