Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Haven't you always wanted a stuffed popsicle?! When our family was in town, we had fun making these little stuffed "foods". It all started when Tyler came home from an Art Festival with a super cute stuffed pickle (really, what 10 year old doesn't want a stuffed pickle). Then the wheels started turning for Emily and she designed a popsicle and a waffle to make. Amy LOVES popsicles, so that was a fitting choice. Here is how "Poppy C. Ickle" turned out...pretty cute!Then they came up with the Waffle, who really resembled Sponge Bob. Once he was complete, it was determined that he would be a Cheezit instead.We had a fun time making these random stuffed "animals"...what do you want to make?

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Alison said...

cute, poppy reminds me of larry the cucumber from the veggietales...i think it's his eyes. :)