Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rooty "TUTE" Tuesday!!!

I hereby pronounce all Tuesdays from this day forward to be Rooty "TUTE" Tuesdays!!! There will either be a new tutorial from Get Your Craft On or I will feature some cool tutorial from a different blog on here every Tuesday! How cool is that? Well, let's get started shall we...here's the first tute!

Capri Sun Pencil Case

6 Capri Sun pouches (washed and dried)
9-10" zipper (I used a 9" and it was just a tad too short, but I haven't tried the 10")
sewing essentials: sewing machine, thread, etc.

*don't forget to click on the pictures to enlarge them!

1.) Cut a slit on the bottom of each Capri Sun pouch and pour contents into pitcher. You can just save used Capri Sun pouches, but they will have the straw hole used.

2.) Thoroughly wash out each pouch and completely dry.

3.) Sew 3 Capri Sun bags together, side-by-side, overlapping approximately 1cm. Have the picture side be facing up. Make 2 sets of 3 bags, one for each side of pencil case. You can use a straight stitch, a double straight stitch (that's what I did) or a zig-zag stitch.

4.) Now it's time to sew on the zipper! Place the zipper right-side down on the right-side TOP of one of the sides. Line up the edge of the zipper with the top edge of the side of the pencil case. Using a zipper foot, sew zipper on.

5.) Flip zipper over and press down bag. Topstitch on pencil case side right under the zipper.

6.) Take the other group of 3 bags sewn together and place it on top of the one you just sewed the zipper on to, right-sides together. Line up the top edge of that side with the edge of the zipper. Flip over and use a zipper foot to sew on zipper to that side of pencil case.

7.) Flip that side over and press down. Topstich on that side of pencil case right under the zipper.

8.) Now finish it up by sewing sides of pencil case together. With wrong-sides together, and zipper at top, sew the other 3 sides of the case, not including side with zipper. Make sure to catch the front and end of the zipper in your stitching and make sure to back stitch at beginning and end. Again, you can use a straight-stitch, a double straight-stitch (that's what I did), or a zig-zag stitch. And that's it!!!

9.) If you want, add a little name washer for a zipper pull or jazz it up with a bunch of crazy ribbon for a zipper pull. This is the stamping set I used to stamp the name in the washer and here is the tutorial on it...so fun!

Okay, now go put some pens and pencils in your new cool Capri Sun Pencil Case and good luck at school!!!


Kari @ Ucreate said...

LOVE IT!! I can't wait to see your future "TUTE" Tuesdays!

Holly said...

That is super cute!!! Thank you for sharing!

Just came across your blog!

Bethany said...

That is such a darling idea! I am so glad I found you through Blue Cricket Design.

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. i need to get some caprisun to make it. but can you help me with one thing. do you have to cut off the sides? how do you open it up it the bags are't cut. this sounds confusing. thanks

Engagement Rings said...

That's cute and very creative! Great brains. Do keep posting such creatives.

Anonymous said...

awesome! but i have a question can u sew the bag by hand???? IT might sound crazy though.....

Akooky said...

I love this idea but I started to make this and the stitching kept bunching up when i was sewing the bags together.Is there a certain thread type I need to use?

Jenn Erickson said...

This is such an incredible, creative upcycling project! Would you be at all interested in sharing your post during my Back to School week of Aug. 1-7 at Rook No. 17?