Friday, February 19, 2010

Lil Blue Boo Design Challenge (aka the post with too many links)

The Lil Blue Boo Design Challenge has come to an end.  I ended up submitting 4 entries.  The Monster Hoodie, the Flag Dress, the Ruffle Dress, and the Flower Dress (really, I need more creative names for these things...sorry).  It was sooo fun making each one of them, I know I will definitely be making more in the future!  Oh, and having that little addiction of mine doesn't help any either...a few days ago I bought ELEVEN more shirts for a dollar...yikes!  My friend Tami, scored tons of shirts at Target for 75cents and little kid hoodie jackets for a little over a dollar...Score!!  Oh, and I also got two super cute Valentines shower curtains at Target for 75% off.  You know I don't need 2 more shower curtains...but the fabric was super stay tuned to see what they turn into!

Anyway, I'm getting side tracked now.  So, if you get a minute go check out all the entries for the Lil Blue Boo Challenge.  There are sooo many AMAZING ones...seriously, amazing!!!  I'm excited to see how the judges pick the final 10...I know I couldn't do it! 

I also want to give a big THANKS to Michelle, over at Someday Crafts for featuring my flower dress...Thanks!!


Anonymous said...

The Valentine's Day shower curtains were super cute! I knew I should have picked one up for the fabric. Oh well! Can't wait to see what you make.

Shelly K said...

I know! I was ridiculously overwhelmed at all the fantastic entries. Just when you think you've come up with something you can't possibly beat, you see more and more inspiration, and now I'm back to the drawing board to top my rainbow dress submission! Thankfully there is no deadline on creativity.
Thanks for helping with the Write it Out project. I am super excited I found out about it, because it's a simple way to make a huge difference!

Ashley said...

Your entries were great! I am SO glad that I made myself NOT a judge ;) Too hard ;)

Alida L. said...

Right now Wally World has kiddos V-day t-shirts for .75! Thought you might want to know!