Monday, January 4, 2010

El Cheap-O Shirt Challenge & Link Party

I just can't seem to help myself when I see a super cheap shirt...I have to buy it!!  You know what I mean?  Do any of you have that same problem?  I'm mostly talking about little kid's shirts, but if I can find an el cheap-o shirt for me, I'll get that too!  I'm not even a shopaholic, but I just can't pass up a shirt that only costs a buck!  I start imagining all the fun creative things I could do with my dollar shirt that would automatically make it priceless!  Then I remember that if I screw it up with that cool creative thing I tried, who cares because it was only a dollar.  Anyway, do you see what I mean here?  I just love a cheap blank canvas to be creative with.  Here are a few dolled up dollar shirts from the past:

Tuxedo Shirt

Tropical Getaway Tank

Cherry Blossom Tank

Big Brother Shirt

I challenge all of you to Get Your Craft On with some el cheap-O shirts and see what you come up with!  I'd love to see what you've got!  Add the link to your shirts down below in the MckLinky party (add as many as you'd like!), then add the crazy pink shirt button to your blog (grab it over in my right sidebar)!
Happy Sewing!

Oh, and I have another el cheap-O shirt to show you tomorrow for this week's Rooty "TUTE" Tuesday....stay tuned!


Angie - said...
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Angie - said...

Sorry I didn't do the links right! I totally missed seeing the MckLinky you had set up!!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Fun party idea!! I don't have anything to share, but I hope I can find some fun inspiration in your party links. (LOVE the "Looks WHO'S 5" shirt, by the way...adorable!)

Michelle @ Delicate Construction said...

I think you just inspired me to buy some dollar store shirts- those are sooo cute!

Unknown said...

What a fun party! I have some shirts in a pile that need to be/are waiting to be refashioned. Some great ideas here!

Bridget said...

Such cute ideas, I need to find more shirts! I've always loved your tuxedo shirt and owl shirt.

LuckyStarErin said...

what a fun linky party idea! I have a $.50 boys children's place tee I'm going to craft up!